Club Pickup – How It Works

Click ‘n’ Pull® is now Club Pickup, a free, easy, and more convenient way to shop.

Club Pickup, now with Easy Reorder

  • A faster and easier way to place Club Pickup orders
  • Receive email confirmation and text alerts when order is ready for pickup
  • Recommended substitutions when items are out of stock

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Pickup? (previously known as Click ‘n’ Pull)
Club Pickup is a free service for Sam’s Club members that lets any member order online and pick up at any Sam’s Club in the US and Puerto Rico. Simply place your order online and pick up your items from the designated Sam’s Club at a time that fits your schedule.
How to create a Club Pickup Order on
Just use the Easy Reorder function on The easy reorder tool will allow you to view and place orders from your past purchases.
What has changed?
We have consolidated the reorder, order by item number, and other functions into Easy Reorder. We have also integrated list functionality into Easy Reorder to allow you to more easily select Club items that you want to purchase.
Do I have to use Easy Reorder to place a Club Pickup order?
No, you can browse and search for Club products on the site, add them to your cart, and go through the checkout process.
How do I place orders with Easy Reorder?
Easy Reorder gives you three easy ways to place an order. Start by choosing Easy Reorder from the top navigation bar, confirm the club where you want to pick up your order. Then choose one of the following options and enter quantities for the items you want to order:
  1. Order from a list of your past purchases. Click the “Yes, continue” button at top right. You’ll see a list of your past purchases.
  2. Upload a List: Select “Upload a List” next to “My Lists.” This is a convenient and simple way to shop for multiple items if you have a list saved in a file. The Easy Reorder tool will then display the valid item numbers in your file.
  3. Order from a saved list: If you’ve created a list before, it will be shown under My Lists. Select the list you want to use.
Why aren’t all the items in my list showing in Easy Reorder?
When you place orders using Easy Reorder, we will transfer all the items to the new order sheet, except those items that are not eligible for Club Pickup. You can search for comparable items using the search box at the top of the page and add items to your new order sheet.
Can I add items from multiple lists to Easy Reorder?
Easy Reorder does not have the ability to add items from multiple lists. However, we will be making some additional enhancements and will enable this capability soon. In the meantime you may want to build your order using the "items you regularly buy" option, which will include items from all of your lists.
What is a Club Pickup list? How do I create a Club Pickup list?
The Club Pickup list is a list of items you’ve purchased from Sam's Club locations as well as Lists can be created easily by selecting Save to List after placing an order. To create an order just click your Club Pickup list and select Create Order.
Can I use a Club Pickup list to place orders?
Yes. You can use your saved list to place orders. Simply select Easy Reorder above the top navigation bar, select the list you want to order from, and enter quantities for the items you want to order.
How do I use ‘Upload a List’ feature to place orders?
To improve your online ordering experience we’ve made some enhancements to the site. Now you can upload lists in a spreadsheet or text document format and use them to order what you need in a flash. Just go to My Lists at the top right of our top navigation bar, select “Upload a List” at top right. Follow the instructions to upload your file and then click the Create Order button to start an order from your uploaded list
What happened to Shopping Lists?
We converted your shopping lists to Club Pickup Lists and included them in the Easy Reorder area so you can more easily place Club Pickup orders. You’ll see all your saved lists when you sign into your account and select Easy Reorder above the top navigation bar.

Once you’ve chosen any of the ordering options above, if you want to add items that aren’t the list you’re using, type the item name or item number in the search box at the top of the page and choose “Add to Order.”
How do I add items to my list?
You may use the search bar at the top of the page to add items to your list. Also once you select the edit feature, you can add items by entering the item number or by searching by the key word.
Is there a minimum amount to use Club Pickup?
No, there is no minimum number of items or order amount to use Sam’s Club Pickup.
How will I know when my order is ready to be picked up?

You will receive an email confirming we received your order and your local club is working on it.

Then you will receive an email confirming your order is ready for pickup at the club you selected. Please do not go to the club until you have received this email. If you place an order after club hours, you will receive an email the following business day letting you know the order is ready for pickup.

If you provided us with your mobile telephone number, a text message will be sent with online order updates. We may also contact you by text or phone to remind you that your order is available for pickup. (Message and data rates may apply.)

Can I have someone else pick up my order?

Yes. To have your order picked up by someone else,

  • You must select that option during checkout.
  • You'll need to provide the pickup person's name, e-mail address and phone number. Your pickup person will need to show his/her ID and the order number at the club when picking up the order

Bring your online order number with you to the club. Once you arrive at the club, please proceed to the Check in Kiosk, enter your information and an associate will bring your items to you.

Important: The person picking up the order does not need to be a member if the order is prepaid online. However if you decide to pay in club, the person picking up the order needs to produce his/her membership card

How long do I have to pick up my order?

We will have your order ready for pick up on your requested pickup day and time. We will try to hold your order for two days following your requested pick up date. If you do not pick up your order within two days following your pick up date, your order will be cancelled and we will return the items to our inventory. You will not be charged for the order.

Important: If your order contains any fresh items, those items will only be ready for pickup the day you choose and will not be held longer.

What Is needed to pick up your order?

You or your authorized pickup person will need a current, government-issued photo ID and your order number or Ready for Pickup Email or Text Message. If you are not able to bring the email or text message, please copy down your order number to provide to the associate. You will be required to sign for your order when you pick it up.

Important: The person picking up the order does not need to be a member if the order is prepaid online. However if you decide to pay in club, the person picking up the order needs to produce his/her membership card

What should I do when I get to the club?
All clubs have an online order check-in kiosk dedicated to Club Pickup. Please check-in at this kiosk and proceed to the order pick up area. Our associate will be notified of your arrival to meet you at the Club Pick up location.
Can I cancel a Club Pickup order after I have placed the order online?
You cannot cancel an order online once it’s been placed. Please contact the Sam’s Club you selected on your order. A contact phone number for your Sam’s Club is provided in your order emails and on If you do not pick up your order on the requested pickup day, your order may be cancelled. If a payment has been processed, a refund will be made to your credit card
Can I Pick up some items at a club and have others shipped to an address?
Yes, the same order can have items shipped to you and some items for Club Pickup.
Can I order refrigerated/frozen items?
Yes. We will place all perishable items, like milk, dairy, or frozen foods, in a temperature-controlled area to await pickup. A club associate will gather both your perishable and nonperishable items when you arrive
How do I receive my receipt?
  • Orders Paid Online: A receipt will be sent via email to the Member
  • Orders Paid At Club: A receipt will be provided to the person who picks up the order
  • Gift Receipt: When you place an order, you have the ability to send a gift receipt to your friends, family or any designated person who picks up the order. Simply check the gift receipt box when checking out online and provide the requested details of the person who needs the gift receipt. The designated person will receive the receipt by email and can proceed to the club to pick up the order.
How will I know what Items can be purchased using Club Pickup?

Look for "Pick up in Club" on the item you are selecting. You can also select the “In Club” only filter on the upper right side of the page to select in club items only.

Items Not Eligible for Club Pickup (this list may change from time to time)

  • Jewelry
  • Apparel
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Mobile Phones
  • Books
  • Music
  • Magazines
  • Memberships
  • Pharmacy
  • Extended Warranties

Note : Merchandise is subject to availability and is limited by the Sam’s Club Merchandise Policy. If for any reason we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be responsible for providing that item to you but will make sure any charge to your credit card is removed. Some items are only available for purchase after proof of age.

What are the Payment types accepted for Club Pick up?

Members can pay by any MasterCard® Discover® and other forms of payment types that are currently accepted in club. We do not currently accept Visa Credit and Amex cards for Club pick up.

Current In-Club payment options:

  • Sam's Club credit account
  • Discover®
  • MasterCard®
  • Debit card
  • Gift Cards
  • Visa (Debit only)
  • Cash
Do my Instant Savings apply to Club Pickup items?
Absolutely! Your Instant Savings will be reflected on your order summary page when you place the order. You must pickup and pay for the item while the Instant Savings offer is valid. If you order an item online while the offer is valid but pay for it in club after the Instant Savings offer has expired, you will not receive the Instant Savings discount.
How to Contact us?
We welcome feedback. Any customer comments should be addressed to the Customer Care Team at 1-888-746-7726. If we communicate with you by telephone, please note that some telephone calls may be recorded for training and security purposes.